Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

May I Suggest… Giveaway Hop 2016!

The response to the May I Suggest giveaway hop was highly enthusiastic from a small number of people, soooooo I decided – EVERYONE’S A WINNER! 

You’re all getting a e-copy of Giovanni Goes To Med School!  I hope you enjoy this 1st novella in the series. Please note – it is lending enabled, so tell your family and friends, then let me know what you think!

Check back in June for another giveaway hop!


It is an incredible feeling to have multiple books to offer, but for a change of pace, may I suggest the first in a new series of YA/NA novellas and a whole  new, hilarious take on traditional movie monsters!

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks

About Giovanni Goes To Med School

kdp_cover_giovanni6You don’t have to be a medical student to know the dead do not get up and walk around. Anyone who’s buried a pet in the backyard knows the dead don’t walk. They don’t even lurch.

The night-shift in the morgue was supposed to be a chance to study in quiet and off-set ridiculous student loans. Giovanni is stunned when his patient sits up and starts scolding. Now he’s got to convince an unbelieving medical community to take action, so he can get back to learning about the dead – not the undead!


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