Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Reviews for Fighting Mad


“The story is easy to read, the plot is simple and the characters are all likable… I really like how funny, light to read and entertaining the fairies are.” – Ruth B, Goodreads

pint“This series is so funny and farfetched that I couldn’t put it down. This author has a good idea of supernatural” – Betty M, Amazon

pint“amazing to think of a world where fairies and other creatures are real and coexist with us… The plot is good, the story moves on naturally and it’s enjoyable… a good romance with doses of humor and good characters.” – Ruty, Reading… Dreaming

 “I could sympathize with her when her world seemed to be going right, only to take a turn for the worse. The number of times this happened seemed to cast doom over her life, but she carried on trying… A satisfactory but unexpected ending ties up the story nicely.” – Long and Short Reviews

pint“The town and characters as a whole are purely delightful, however, and one readers will enjoy visiting over and over.” – Julie, InD’Tale Magazine

pint“This is one novel that you won’t want to put down until you’re turning the final page… Kathy Bryson weaves a fantastic story. Her ability to bring the faery creatures into the real world and not make it too unbelievable is a talent that she definitely has.” – BookMaven

pint“I found myself caught up in Carla’s magical adventure and enjoyed witnessing this no nonsense mother dealing with things completely out of her realm… when she goes toe to toe with the one she feels is threatening her loved ones it is a pleasure to see her in action” – Night Owl Reviews

pint“You have not lived until you have experienced the King of the Faeries being felled by the “Mom voice.” The book is worth it just for that alone. The novelty of the heroine saving herself and her community is improved upon by her being a mom like every other mom on the planet.” – Janice Benson for Readers’ Favorite

pint“It’s a well written story, very descriptive, and the funny moments will have you laughing to yourself. I’ve read them all, and I have to say, this one has been my favourite. It’s a great read, and one I’m happy to recommend.” – Julie B. with The Reading Cafe

pint“the characters grew in strength with each book making this one the best by far. The story itself was engaging and kept me wanting to read until the end. I love how believable the characters were” – Elisa for GirlWhoReads

pint“very relatable even though it’s paranormal… The paranormal realm was an added bonus and was really different then your average read. Leprechauns don’t get very much awareness and I felt the author certainly brought out a welcome change from the normal” – Shaunta, Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock

pint“Kathy Bryson gives us another fun fantasy story in this trilogy. Can’t wait for Kathy to write more!” – Chrissy for IHeartBooksOfficial

pint“The author’s fantasy is fun and original. Great trilogy.” – Italo Italophiles

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