Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Reviews for Giovanni Goes To Med School

pink skull“A really smooth read and fun take on zombies. Great medical description of decomposition. Rufus rocks.” – Teleport Magazine

pink skull“I love it when authors do short stories well and this book is the best. While zombies are getting old, this story is fresh and original. Characters are great and I love the dog. I am looking forward to reading the next book” – Pat, Booksprout

pink skull“a comedy of errors for Giovanni. Every time he turns around there is something else going wonky… Ms. Bryson… must have a great sense of humor to come up with some of the crazy things that go on in this book.” – Melanie, Fang-Freakin-Tastic Reviews

pink skull“Walking and talking zombies… not so gory and rabid for those wanting to know. fyi: Dog lovers will love Rufus.” – vvb32reads

pink skull“makes it even better that the zombie in this story is a little old lady that refuses to accept that she is dead… I really enjoyed reading it and it even made me laugh a time or two.” – HyperAshley

pink skull“Not your typical zombie story, I found myself giggling out loud more than once! …The characters were amazing, and I love it. I think this is one I’ll be re-reading in the future.” – Bob, Platypire Reviews

pink skull“the zombie trope Kathy Bryson uses is a very unique one… an interesting story and its ending will leave you wanting to know more” – The Bandwagon

pink skull“I truly was surprised at who ended up being the zombie… Maybe the other readers saw it coming a mile away but I didn’t expect it and it was a lovely surprise… Lovely? Well, yeah… it was different, for sure!” – Cover to Cover

pink skull“An enjoyable read and far from any other zombie story I’ve ever read. I would recommend this to all zombie lovers to get a feel of a different type of zombie tale.” – Girl Who Reads

pink skull“a fun little story! … There’s plenty of humour in this one, but don’t be mistaken; I still got goosebumps a couple of times due to the creepy vibes.” – Inked Brownies

pink skull“extremely amusing and a wonderful short read… that will gross you out and make you giggle at the same time” – Sci-Fi and Scary

pink skull“This is a book that will tickle your funny bone as you follow Gio through his experiences in the morgue.  It is only 70 pages, but is packed with comedy and a taste of zombies if you believe in them.” – Reviews By Karen

pink skull“a good start to what could be a great series. There was definitely some original thought put into the zombie genre here and it was nice to just read something in one sitting” – Paperback Reading And More!

pink skull“made it through the book with a smile on my face so I’d say Bryson did a great job. If you have even a remote interest in zombies then I would recommend this book to you.” – The Rebel Christian

pink skull“The author really takes you on a ride. With a lot of What?! Moments. The story was written well and kept my attention through out.” – Boundless Book Reviews

pink skull“There’s humor here, a little gore … and a nice little story… It’s enjoyable enough, a quick read, and there’s a lot of potential here.” – The Irresponsible Reader

pink skull“Oddly humorous, filled with comedy-of-errors scenes, this short story is a quick, entertaining read that will give you a new outlook on the whole zombie scenario” – Space and Sorcery

pink skull“for me this was a first zombie anything. Fortunately I didn’t have to be even a little bit disappointed. Since Giovanni Goes to Med School is hilarious.” – Books told me so…

pink skull“Light humor in a realistic setting with a decent likable protagonist makes this a fun escape, and the ending is so very humane it brought a tear to this reviewer’s eye.” – Italophile Book Reviews

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