Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Reviews for Giovanni Goes To Med School

pink skull“a comedy of errors for Giovanni. Every time he turns around there is something else going wonky… Ms. Bryson… must have a great sense of humor to come up with some of the crazy things that go on in this book.” – Melanie, Fang-Freakin-Tastic Reviews

pink skull“Walking and talking zombies… not so gory and rabid for those wanting to know. fyi: Dog lovers will love Rufus.” – vvb32reads

pink skull“makes it even better that the zombie in this story is a little old lady that refuses to accept that she is dead… I really enjoyed reading it and it even made me laugh a time or two.” – HyperAshley

pink skull“Not your typical zombie story, I found myself giggling out loud more than once! …The characters were amazing, and I love it. I think this is one I’ll be re-reading in the future.” – Bob, Platypire Reviews

pink skull“the zombie trope Kathy Bryson uses is a very unique one… an interesting story and its ending will leave you wanting to know more” – The Bandwagon

pink skull“I truly was surprised at who ended up being the zombie… Maybe the other readers saw it coming a mile away but I didn’t expect it and it was a lovely surprise… Lovely? Well, yeah… it was different, for sure!” – Cover to Cover

pink skull“An enjoyable read and far from any other zombie story I’ve ever read. I would recommend this to all zombie lovers to get a feel of a different type of zombie tale.” – Girl Who Reads

pink skull“a fun little story! … There’s plenty of humour in this one, but don’t be mistaken; I still got goosebumps a couple of times due to the creepy vibes.” – Inked Brownies

pink skull“extremely amusing and a wonderful short read… that will gross you out and make you giggle at the same time” – Sci-Fi and Scary

pink skull“This is a book that will tickle your funny bone as you follow Gio through his experiences in the morgue.  It is only 70 pages, but is packed with comedy and a taste of zombies if you believe in them.” – Reviews By Karen

pink skull“a good start to what could be a great series. There was definitely some original thought put into the zombie genre here and it was nice to just read something in one sitting” – Paperback Reading And More!

pink skull“made it through the book with a smile on my face so I’d say Bryson did a great job. If you have even a remote interest in zombies then I would recommend this book to you.” – The Rebel Christian

pink skull“The author really takes you on a ride. With a lot of What?! Moments. The story was written well and kept my attention through out.” – Boundless Book Reviews

pink skull“There’s humor here, a little gore … and a nice little story… It’s enjoyable enough, a quick read, and there’s a lot of potential here.” – The Irresponsible Reader

pink skull“Oddly humorous, filled with comedy-of-errors scenes, this short story is a quick, entertaining read that will give you a new outlook on the whole zombie scenario” – Space and Sorcery

pink skull“for me this was a first zombie anything. Fortunately I didn’t have to be even a little bit disappointed. Since Giovanni Goes to Med School is hilarious.” – Books told me so…

pink skull“Light humor in a realistic setting with a decent likable protagonist makes this a fun escape, and the ending is so very humane it brought a tear to this reviewer’s eye.” – Italophile Book Reviews

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