Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

About Feeling Lucky

“What better way to hide the gold than to become a joke,
a story nobody takes seriously?”


EPIC 2015 eBook Awards Finalist – Fantasy Romance2015_EBook_finalist-sm

2014 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award

Chanticleer Chatelaine 2014 Finalist!

 Excerpt   Reviews  Leprechaun Lore

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“Most people who spend time at a job develop ideas of how they can improve a product or business. They just don’t always get a chance to share. And that’s not counting the thousands of unpublished artists, writers, and musicians out there…”

What would you do if you suddenly won 5 million dollars to spend on your dreams? What it if was a leprechaun’s money?

Megan O’Malley was embarrassed when she got drunk and the bandleader’s ass at a cousin’s wedding. But she was astonished when he turned out to be a leprechaun! Seems they’re not the little, green men of fairytales after all. They just say that because they like a good joke and what better way to hide the gold? Oh, that bit’s true – as is the part about not sharing!

Newly revised and updated 2019



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