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It’s Never Just About The Money!


EPIC 2015 eBook Awards Finalist – Fantasy Romance2015_EBook_finalist-sm

2014 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award

Chanticleer Chatelaine 2014 Finalist!

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 Excerpt   Reviews  Leprechaun Lore

Cover Feeling Lucky

Megan O’Malley pinched a cute guy and accidentally captured a leprechaun. Turns out leprechuans are not twee beings dreamed up by the tourist board, but warriors of legend. The story’s because they like a good joke and what better way to hide the gold? Oh that bit’s true, as is the part about not sharing! Megan may be millions richer, but she’s also got an angry leprechaun camped out on her sofa, trying to keep her from becoming the business mogul of her dreams!

Fergus O’Reilly cannot figure out what he did to upset the Queen of the Fairies. He was playing a wedding when a drunken lady pinched his ass and the Queen declared him caught. Now he’s broke, homeless, and hustling to stop the lovely lady with the wandering fingers from spending his money! This would be much easier if she wasn’t cute, caring, and determined to help with his so-called money addiction!


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