Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

The Fayetteville Fairies

“What better way to hide the gold than to become a joke,
a story nobody takes seriously?”

Welcome to Fayetteville, an ordinary, little town where all the legends – the fairytales and the folklore – are living next door! Turns out leprechauns are not little, green men, but the warriors of ancient Irish legend. That story may not be real, but the one about the gold is! Leprechauns don’t share.  

Shakespeare may have brought a long-standing feud to light in 1590, but it’s heating up in the modern-day Midwest. Can the ladies of Fayetteville  deal with it as well as their jobs, families, and love lives?

In Feeling Lucky, Megan accidentally captures a leprechaun and uncovers who’s really behind those economic downturns.

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In Restless Spirits, Marilee discovers just how far the fairy world extends and how far she’ll go to protect her loved ones!

In Fighting Mad, civil war is breaking out among the fairies. Can Carla protect her children and still get her clurichaun?

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