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What To Wear Or How To Dress Your Characters

imagesThe past month, I’ve taken 3 weekend trips for work and each time, I’m faced with the same question – what to wear!

Clothing is not as simple as it appears. And fashion is the last challenging aspect! The choice is pretty simple if I’m making a presentation – business professional as in a dress or skirt. But what shoes? Do I wear comfortable flats for walking a conference or stay dressed-up look and hunt up heels? Is cotton too casual or can I somehow avoid sticky polyester? You might think guys have it easier, but can you imagine wearing a suit jacket in Florida or Arizona? Oy!

I came down to breakfast at one meeting and was amused to see a tour group of senior citizens dressed uniformly in beige casual slacks and polo shirts. It’s a generational thing. The younger tour groups in the airports all wore matching leggings. But the differences are striking. The one woman who stood out did so as much for her yellow knit tunic over black pants as she did for the diamond choker she wore.

imagesNot every dress is uniform, but many are. The pilots all wear the afore-mentioned suit, even the ladies. The one who wore stilettos with hers must have no nerve endings in her feet! One soldier wore fatigues and a woman wore the plus-size uniform of black and white tunic over black pants. She, however, had beautiful strawberry blond curls where he had the regulation shaved head.

Jewelry was one area where personal tastes show. Clothing is dictated by occasion and availability as much as anything, but whether you wear gold or silver, a watch or a bangle, that’s all you! Case in point – two business women who also came to breakfast.

indexOne was odd. She wore a crochet dress with a leather jacket, an outfit you would think designed for attention. But she also wore a diamond wedding band and kept her eyes glued to her computer. The other wore dark knit slacks and a maroon tank top, more modest clothing, but with an abstract, statement necklace in mixed metals. She waited until a colleague came in, joined him, then talked his ear off about how a hospital should be run. A woman of decision – like that necklace!

What do you wear? Is it dictated by your job or your taste? Can I guess your age, your generation, or your geographic location correctly? And one final question – do we still need TSA if everyone’s wearing leggings?

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