Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Reviews for Restless Spirits

baseball“another good book written by Kathy. It’s a sweet, light, funny and enjoyable romance.” – Ruty @ Reading… Dreaming

baseball“one book that will suck you in and give you some curve balls that you don’t see coming” – Jackie, The Book Maven

baseball “It was interesting how something that I viewed as a flaw in Marilee actually served her as a strength in the end… It was good to see characters go through certain difficulties and work their way through them, growing as they went.” – Reading Shy With Aly

baseball“Bryson’s stories are just fun and enjoyable, the perfect remedy after a hard day. If you are looking for a paranormal read that is on the lighter side you should check out Bryson’s work!” – Teresa D., VampireRomanceBooks

baseball“really enjoyed the characters and dialogue in the book and look forward to reading other books” – brriske, Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock


“I really like that this story takes you on a journey and is written in such a way that you can connect with the main character Marilee… Even when describing parts of a world unknown, one can see what the main character does and feels as she struggles through each ordeal.” – OnlineBookClub


“I enjoyed all ghostly happenings especially with the box of balls. I looked forward to finding answers behind the lights and baseball throws.” – Rosie Amber

baseball “a lot of charming elements to this book. I liked the small town, quirky feel it had. I also really liked the secondary characters within the book. They really livened up the book… If you like quirky fantasy stories with ghosts, then I think you might want to consider this book.” – Kate, Home.Love.Books

baseball “This was a light hearted read and one that I can’t wait for the next one to see more of the characters and Fey” – Kim, LBM Book Blog


“Throw some Shakespeare and leprechauns into the mix and you get this smart funny paranormal romantic fantasy with loads of surprises. Ms. Bryson has an easy, entertaining style of writing. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who likes romance, paranormal, fantasy, or has a mother.” – Carol, Vision and Verse


“a roller coaster of a ride… It’s a great read, with mystery and a few ghosts thrown in.  A great afternoon read” – Julie B, The Reading Cafe

baseball“All in all, a promising storyline… the contribution from colorful characters makes it a pleasing read!” – Ana, InD’tale

baseball“What sets this novel apart from other small-town romances is the paranormal twist, and with due reverence to Shakespeare, Ms Bryson has embraced the possibilities of fairies and the Otherworld… a vividly drawn novel which will immediately enchant anyone who recognizes themselves, their community or the twinkle in the eye of someone who is not quite what they seem!” – Evie, allonymbooks

baseball“The story really gets good and mysterious when things around the Bed and Breakfast start happening… This was a fun read, you really do get to see the characters grow and change throughout the story.” – Terry, ChickLitPlus


“Marilee… a loving, caring, and intelligent individual with a lot of baggage. I identified with her… John Smith had a curious mind, and was open to the new, different and unexplained.  It was quite impressive the way he could roll with whatever was going on… The secondary characters were also interesting and diverse… Their personalities were just as interesting as their names.” – Pansy, The Jeep Diva

baseball“I commend the author on creating a non-traditional hero and heroine… I did enjoy reading RESTLESS SPIRITS and it piqued my interest for the first book in the series, FEELING LUCKY, which was reviewed last year by Smart Girl Trina.” – Kristal, Smart Girls Love Sci-Fi

baseball“I really liked this book. With all the different characters in this story it is laugh out loud fun. This is a reread book, it was so much fun! ” – Patches, Julie’s Book Review

baseball“The author has created an awesome little town with some very interesting characters and I love how she weaves the magical and paranormal into their everyday lives… a great lighthearted story and I look forward to seeing what other kinds of magical craziness are in store” – Mel, ParanormalBooksRUs

baseball“There was romance, the mystery about what was going on, and all the paranormal elements that were introduced. There was even a funny first kiss scene… I recommend this book if you’re looking for a light, funny, and slightly romantic ghost story” – Brianna, Biblio Belles

baseball“I couldn’t wait to see what the characters would be up to next.” – Cyndi, Amazon

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