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Feline Tips For Spring Decor

Once the weather starts to turn, I get the urge to reorganize and redecorate. I even go so far as to replace some of the things worn out over the past year. Case in point – a new coffee table courtesy of Wayfair.com



Now while I needed a new coffee table and this one is both cute and inexpensive, my reality is that one, I’m going to use it as a drop-off place for stuff I haul home and two, I have multiple cats. The reality of my redecorating dreams becomes lots and lots of easily washed towels to corral the shedding, claws, and occasional hairball!



The cats don’t understand why I sometimes chase them out onto the patio and whip off the covers when I have company over or just want to feel human again. They’re convinced that they have great taste and know exactly what accessory suits the room best!

See, we’re perfect bookends!


One comment on “Feline Tips For Spring Decor

  1. Malla Duncan
    April 30, 2016

    Just love your cats! You live where it’s warm most of the time? My niece is in Denver and it seems to snow all the time. Her poor cat never seems to get out. Love these pics!

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