Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Irregular Reviews

I love to read, but I struggle to leave reviews. They’re rather like laundry or dishes. You get them clean, just not always out of the machine and put away. … Continue reading

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A Life Well Lived!

Newspapers today get accused of everything from¬†telling lies to invasion of privacy, and some may well do that. But they also serve a vital function, informing the community and providing … Continue reading

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For The Love Of Books…

I visited a new bookstore this weekend. It was somewhat smaller than expected – 5 shelves and assorted tables, mostly hardbacks.¬† The owner spoke of having readings which got rave … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning Run Amok

Know that moment of horror when the weather starts to turn and you open the windows only to turn back and see all the dust you missed over winter? Okay, … Continue reading

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