Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Update on the neighborhood

The neighbor on the right sent his tree guy over to ask about my palms. It’s nice not to have to schedule these things myself actually.

When the guy climbed up to remove the hanging clumps of pine nuts, he dislodged a nest with 2 baby squirrels. He carefully put it back up in the tree. I came back that afternoon after running errands and saw the nest back on the ground. It was empty, but momma squirrel was running across the lawn on her way back to the abandoned house on the left.

Several of the backyard denizens seem to have moved over there as well. When I went to check on the collapsing fence, I ran into Fred, the spiny back orb weaver. He was hanging out with all my former tenant paper wasps. The cats moved in with their foster dad at the end of the street, but he still comes around to feed Sumo, the fattest raccoon ever!

Olivia’s sons still come to the backyard and dance around for seed. They don’t come to the back door, but I suspect that’s because a snake has moved into the lantana there. We scare each other periodically, but I don’t think he reigns supreme. There’s still plenty of lizards and tiny toads hanging around!

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