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Perfect Read For A Perfect Summer’s Day

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you just need 5 uninterrupted minutes at the beach, heck the local park even? Just 5 minutes alone with nature and everything will be all right? Well, here today to share what really happens in the park is Ryan Jo Summers with her latest release, It Happened at the Park!

About the book:

Practical city planner, Cassidy Grant, just inherited her sister’s beloved dogs. Except she’s a career girl more into heels and matching accessories. She’s not a dog mom. Worse, she is required to take the furry darlings to the dog park.

Jilted at the altar, Ethan Sheppard finally got a dog. And he loves their bonding trips to the dog park. He’s also the secret cartoonist whose drawings poke fun at the city leadership that might hurt the mayor’s chances at reelection.

After Cassidy and Ethan meet, she asks for his help to manage the pups, and along the way, he learns she will be fired if she can’t identify the cartoonist to her boss. But telling her will cost his job.


    “Do you believe in first sight?”
     Grinning widely, Dana nodded. “Yes.”
     “Yes,” Ethan rumbled. Hearing the humor in his tone, she closed her eyes, heart beating like the wings of a caged bird.
     “You have to tell the truth,” Eddie reminded her.
     Damn. “Yes,” she bit out, thrusting the jar to Ethan.
     He withdrew a paper, his smile growing as he read it. “How would you describe your dream date?”
     Though he read it to the group, it was aimed at Cassidy. Somehow the game had become just between them. Her breathing stopped. Her pulse raced. Her skin tingled. Answers came around the room, but as though from a distance. She licked her lips, knowing he waited for her. Beside her, Dana sat in rapt attention.
     “It would be perfect,” she finally decided. “Perfect location, perfect food, perfect ambience and the perfect events.”
     He smiled, his eyes hooded. “With the perfect partner.”
     Another chill slithered up Cassidy’s spine. The room suddenly felt warm. “With no secrets between them.”
     He slowly nodded. “With no secrets between them. And eventually, no clothes either.”
     Who knew cold chills of excitement would make a body heat up so hot?
     “I… I need to go outside a moment.” Lurching to her feet, she shot for the door. Bolting past the dancers weaving around the impromptu dance floor, she pushed the front door open. Gulping in breaths of fresh air, she leaned against a post on Steve’s porch, eying the moonlight and stars beyond.
     “Are you all right?” Ethan’s warm hand landed on her shoulder and she flinched. “Fine. I just needed some air.” And to get away from the heated desire in your eyes.
     Turning slowly, she steeled herself for that desire again. This time concern filled his eyes as he rested his hands lightly on her shoulders.
     “If I made you uncomfortable, with anything I said or did, I’m sorry.”
     Her heart splintered and she shook her head. “You didn’t.” How could he be responsible for her body’s reactions?
     Music drifted out, surrounding them. Stars shone brightly, sparkling in his eyes. New emotions rained down around Cassidy, reminding her she’d been alone—and lonely—for too long.
     “Feeling better?”
     She wet her lips and nodded. “Would you rather stay out here or go back inside? We could take a walk. Or join the next game they’re playing.”
     He smiled, his teeth white in the moonlight. “I’d rather stay here and dirty dance alone with you.”

Find It Happened at the Park here:

About the Author:

Ryan Jo Summers is a North Carolina writer who pens romances with a twist. They may contain any number of elements: Christian, humor, mystery, paranormal, sweet, shape-shifting, or time travel. Her dad is a songwriter and his aunt wrote poetry so writing must be in the family genes.

She makes her home in a century-old mountain cottage, with a menagerie of adopted pets. In her spare time, she likes to gather with family and friends, paint ceramics or canvas, potter in the yard, bird-watching, or read, play chess, Mahjong or work word-find puzzles. She might take her dog and head deep into the forests and rivers near her home to plot the next big scene or story. Like her dad’s aunt, she writes poetry as a means to cope with life’s pains. She collects lighthouses, shells, driftwood, and anything to remind her of the shore.

Find Ryan Jo Summers here:

2 comments on “Perfect Read For A Perfect Summer’s Day

  1. kathybryson
    June 21, 2017

    My pleasure! It Happened in the Park sounds like a fun read – I am looking forward to it!

  2. summersrye
    June 21, 2017

    Thank you, Kathy, for hosting me today!

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