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Getting Grubby

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When I was reviewing book contracts, I was prepared for the panicked feeling, the what am I doing feeling? It’s hard to take that last step. What surprised me was the feeling of pins and needles that’s persisted ever since. It’s almost impossible to relax while you’re waiting for your book to go live!

So, I composted the garden. Winter is deceptive in Florida. It’s so nice and balmy out, but if you plant too soon, all those lovely tropicals succumb to chilly nights. It is the perfect time to haul manure though – all 500 pounds of it! I need Advil now, but I feel better.

I also got 3 more rejections after signing. One said “This has an intriguing and unique premise, but… it would be too difficult to position for the market.” That got me thinking about marketing. I agree that Feeling Lucky is not the established paranormal romance – no vampires, no werewolves. But that market also has fairies and dragons and now, leprechauns!

I understand the concern. I’ve had this discussion before with graphic artists. No matter how creative, if a direct mail test said red envelopes pulled better, we mailed red envelopes. Some designers found this restriction frustrating. The most successful could be creative within those parameters – and generate great marketing!

I’m not that good about writing to a tight formula. The key, however, is not to redefine the existing market. The key is to let the market define itself. I just need to let everyone who might have an interest know about the book and see who responds. This may not be a neatly targeted plan, but I’ve had lots of creative practice in promoting diverse products – everything from graphical user-interfaces (yes, that dates me!) to hand-painted, decoupage furniture. A leprechaun romance? This should be fun!

One comment on “Getting Grubby

  1. Jack Bryson
    February 18, 2013

    Your post is coherent enough. I don’t think a leprechaun romance is too radical; it should be pretty funny.

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