Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Studying To Be a Failure!

Last fall, I signed up for a 2-for-1 subscription to MasterClass.com and this summer, I finally got a change to take some of the courses. I admit, I was intrigued … Continue reading

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Binge-Worthy Books!

I’m a creature of habit, most of us are, and that’s one of the big challenges when you’re trying to bring a new book to market. So I make a … Continue reading

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How Do You Picture A Leprechaun?

One of the challenges of going wide is that your job as the author suddenly expands to all the bits and pieces of publishing from editing to cover design! I … Continue reading

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Irregular Reviews

I love to read, but I struggle to leave reviews. They’re rather like laundry or dishes. You get them clean, just not always out of the machine and put away. … Continue reading

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