Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Life Is Learning

Nobuko portrait

Sometimes how you meet somebody is a story in itself. I met Greg Gatorville, helping out at the Pinellas ComicCon. Later, I saw on Facebook that he was helping his mom publish her memoirs. It always amazed me the stories that are behind people. People are seldom just exactly the people they seem on the surface.

Today’s author is a case in point – Nobuko (Kathy) Plantamura has an inspiring tale to tell of perseverance and courage and what it takes to make a new life in another country!

What inspired this book?   

People asked where I was born and how I did get here. When I told my past, people said, “You should write a book !”  So I was encouraged to write also, I want to leave my legacy for my children and grandchildren.

Coffee, tea, or beer? With cake or pizza?  

Anytime tea and cake.  Good combo.  As I remember, my tea ceremony teacher said why do we have sweets with green tea? Because they bring each other’s taste to naturalize in the mouth. And I believe so.

Who was your biggest help in writing this story – publisher, cover artist, editor, spouse, child, parent – and why? 

No doubt about  it was my son, Greg.  Ever since he was a toddler, he was verbally great. My learning  of  English language might influenced him then. As a cover artist was my other son, Dean.  I enjoy the art world, so I always taught my sons to appreciate the arts.

Nobuko coverBook 1 – Nobuko  

This book is about Nobuko’s leaving home at 15 to pursue the American dream. “Live strong” were her Grandma’s last words. Nobuko remembers Japan’s defeat in WWII, and enduring the post-war life. As she states, “That is what made me the way I am today – strong, economical, understanding, and I don’t take anything for granted.”


cover Nobuko: Life Is LearningBook 2 – Nobuko: Life Is Learning

Living through joy and sorrow, every experience is a chance to acquire wisdom. This is the memoir of Nobuko’s path through marriage, career, retirement, and achieving satisfaction in life. Nobuko believes life’s journey should be exciting and embraced with gratitude.

Reviews –

“Kathy is a very likeable person but I had no idea that she had overcome so much and through her strength of will power, after the end of WWII, achieved what you will discover in this remarkable book.”

“An enchanting and engaging story of bravery, strength, perseverance and crossing oceans and cultural divides.”

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