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Summer Reading, Happens So Fast!

I end up reading a lot over the summer, particularly in this summer’s record heat wave. It’s a fun activity that can be held under a fan and doesn’t require much exertion. Here’s some of what stood out this Summer Reading, had me a blast!

The Ministry of Curiosities by C.J. Archer is another off-beat and intriguing series. In Book 1, The Last Necromancer, Charlotte, posing as Charlie since being kicked out of her father’s home, is rescued from the streets when she’s arrested by the Ministry of Curiosities. Charlie’s crime? She can raise the dead. Now she’s dependent on a man named Death to protect her from a cabal that wants her dead while she tries to prove her usefulness in solving paranormal deaths in London. Well written, with intriguing characters, these supernatural who-dun-its stand out.

The Witch of Edgehill Mysteries by Melissa Erin Jackson is another series that isn’t your typical witch mysteries. Amber Blackwood lives in a small town devoted to cats where she creates unusual toys with her limited powers. While exploring her character and relationships, this series focuses primarily on the town’s cat fixation and the background witch war that killed Amber’s parents. The blend of small town cozy and epic battle is nicely balanced over 5 books in an attention-capturing, enjoyable read, starting with Pawsitively Poisonous.

New from Carol J. Perry is the Haunted Haven Mysteries. In Be My Ghost, Maureen Doherty inherits an old hotel from an unknown old lady in a town where she once vacationed as a child. Since the department store she worked for has closed, Maureen heads to Florida to deal with elderly residents, controlling general managers, blatant ghosts, and a warehouse full of everything guests left behind since the hotel’s inception. Nothing and no one in Haven ever quite leaves! In her Witch City Mysteries, Perry was subtle in her use of supernatural, but here she openly embraces ghosts in this series in playful, insouciant comedy. I’m looking forward to this series!

Also watching another series out of Australia – what are they drinking and where can I get some? I need this kind of creativity! Streaming on Ovation, Toby Banks is assigned to night shift in Coolum by the Deputy Commissioner, his father. Toby sees himself as a bit of a schleb, but together with an eccentric groundskeepers, he’s the perfect degree of skeptic to take The Strange Calls that come into his tiny beach community late at night. But not just any Strange Calls. No, he wouldn’t be lucky enough to get werewolves or deamons. He gets chicken transformation and possession by radio jingle! Hysterical!

What are you reading or watching to beat the heat this summer?

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