Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

AKA My Girl Friday

Today, I’d like to present Jane Bokun. A consummate journalist and PR professional, Jane and  I met when we were hired to launch and promote a line of pineapple skincare products. It went nowhere as the owner was arrested for for credit card fraud, but Jane and I remained friends. Every one should be so lucky as to have a Rosalind Russell style journalist for a friend!

Daring as Kathy Bryson in my own way

By Jane Bokun

I met Kathy Bryson when we both worked in marketing for a pineapple cream company in Tampa. You can meet lifelong friends in the darndest of places and she is one of my most loved.

Now, she has become an excellent writer and I love her quirky and fun ideas – especially during our current world turmoil. She is truly herself and I am not always. I keep on trying on new ideas, failing and trying on more.

I used to laugh about being an older woman. I would say to people maybe I’m too old for this and wait for it…they would say, “no, you’re not.” Now when I say that, I’m met with a leaded silence. This is why I always tempt fate and any shred of pride and go for the gusto. I aim to be a person who goes out fighting for my fellow been there, done that oldsters. Yup, we’re still alive and it won’t be long until we’re not, so, let us have our moment.

With that in mind, I decided to try eyelash extensions. It seemed like a good idea at the time and was very cost effective – not like Botox or even Brazilian waxing.  In fact, I couldn’t believe the price. It was $25. That’s a little money for a whole lot of kidding yourself that you don’t look like a big-eyed cow when you bat your lashes. Actually, they do feel a little like small brushes that stick in your eyes. For me, they felt a little uncomfortably heavy. I had trouble opening my eyes and really felt like putting in two toothpicks for aid in keeping them open.

Truthfully, I felt more confident at night. In the harsh light of day, I was worried that these lashes weren’t fooling anyone. They are brittle, big and HUGE. Even if I suffered from hirsutism (a hairy disease), I would never have lashes like these. But it was fun to try them and no one laughed. In front of my long lashes, that is!

About Jane

A long-time award winning journalist and content manager who loves writing, Jane has written stories and broken national news for Gannett and People Magazine. In public relations, she has contracted for corporations such as McDonalds, British Aerospace and Ott-Lite Technology. Most recently, Jane has been the managing editor for the Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly magazine at NWIBQ.com.

Read more of Jane’s insights on life, aging, and all the adventure therein at:

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