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Binge-Worthy Books!

I’m a creature of habit, most of us are, and that’s one of the big challenges when you’re trying to bring a new book to market. So I make a point of trying out new books and leaving reviews because sometimes I come across a book that leads to a whole new, fun series! So here today are some new – and old – favorites that are part of great series worthy of a binge read!

The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant, Book 1 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

A fun story with an exceptionally well-developed brooding vampire hero who has extra depth and dimension that is sometimes missing in vampire stories. Michael Vanderhorst is struggling with the loss of his friend and maker when he comes across a clumsy librarian. Like any chivalrous hero, he comes to her rescue and ends up living in a dump, pretending to be a college student library assistant, and battling drug cartels. There’s a wonderful understated humor in the way problems keep escalating in spite of the sensible, practical actions the stoic hero takes and in his growing frustration battling curiosity as the mystery deepens. His sidekick, Luna, also has a fun, complex character with vulnerability contrasted against raunchy zest for life. This story wraps up one mystery but leaves plenty of room for finding out more about these intriguing characters in future installments.

Last Night on Union Station, Book Sixteen of EarthCent Ambassador by E. M. Foner

The thing that makes the Union Station stories so appealing is the very human nature of the characters who live and interact there. It’s the interactions between family and co-workers from worrying to gossip that drive our everyday lives and makes this series so relevant. The good ambassador, however, knows how to work it! In this installment, Ambassador Kelly tries to navigate trading offspring with other embassies to a garage sale that’s rapidly growing out of control. When a rumor that the station is being sold, she tries to chase down the source while throwing a trade show while the station’s son tries out new career games and argues with the ambassador’s daughter over production expenses. Maybe in the end, the universe’s biggest constant is the futility of trying to corral your children! A fun send-up of all the best in everyday life highlighted in the depth of space! Just picked up the latest – Soup Night on Union Station – and can’t wait to see what that includes.

My Life as a White Trash Zombie (White Trash Zombie #1) by Diana Rowland

When you’re a dyslexic pill-popping high school drop out with a deadbeat boyfriend who sets up you for a felony charge, how can life get worse? Well, you can die and come back as a zombie. Angel Crawford may not be as sweet as her name, but she’s got a celestial courage as she uncovers a new life, new love, new career, and well this part’s not so good. Who’s running around decapitating people? Just when she’d talked herself into thinking no one would mind if she ate their brains since they were already dead! A fun series that explores the challenges of not only being the undead, but also what it takes to improve yourself – whether you start as white trash or as undead.

Real Vampires: A Highland Christmas (The Real Vampires series Book 14) by Gerry Bartlett

Another great installment in Glory St. Claire’s adventures. What impresses me the most is that Gerry Barlett keeps straight Glory’s attitude and concerns what ever time she’s in throughout history and her life development. Glory in these prequels has the attitude of a woman during the reign of James II, but balanced with the bright curiosity that makes her such an interesting character. Lots of action and suspense included for an overall fun read!

>Bewitched and Betrothed (A Witchcraft Mystery #10) by Juliet Blackwell

Family in town, hunting for dresses, groom’s nowhere to be seen, what else do you need before a wedding? Oh yeah, badass demon from your past breaking out of legendarily tough prison! Blackwell builds another intriguing story full of complex folklore and history along with a look back at old friends as previous characters gather for the impending nuptials. Another satisfying read in the series.

Death of a Wedding Cake Baker (Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery #11) by Lee Hollis

A rowdy, raucous story of relatives and all the reasons to wonder why they were invited to the wedding. The mother who fusses, the cousin who ends up dead – it’s enough to make the teenagers look cooperative! Fortunately, the bride has her good friend and newspaper columnist to help her through it, all the while sharing hysterical stories and recipes. The one thing that surprises me in this series is that Hayley gets away with sharing stories about her friends in the press, but then again, they’re not exactly shy people! Another fun adventure in the style of Lucy & Ethel!

A Harlequin Honorable Mention – they may be brief, but they’re still fun!

Adirondack Attack (Protectors at Heart #2) by Jenna Kernan

This was an interesting twist on the romance story. The couple are already married, but estranged. However, instead of a simple misunderstanding, this couple has some serious, albeit unrecognized, issues. Through an accidental hand-off of stolen viruses and subsequent chase across the Adirondacks, Dalton Stevens comes to realize just how his ‘heroic’ behavior is affecting his wife and Erin Stevens, despite her love for her husband, stands her ground on what she needs from their marriage. The strong, female lead who can make the tough choices is a frankly surprising and appealing change!

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