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How To Break Into Audio

Giovanni Goes To Med School was recorded by Nicholas Barta, but he wasn’t available for the rest of the series. So I turned to my biggest support, my family. My brother Sam offered to give audio recording a try, so Giovanni Meets A Coven hit the airwaves.

Here today is Sam to share just what it takes to launch a book and an audio career –

Who are you and what do you do normally?
My name is Sam Bryson, and I work in IT for a SaaS company in Austin, TX.

(SaaS for low-level techies like me stands for software accessed online via a subscription – KB)

What is your job? 

Mainly in IT, I fix things, and I try very hard to make plans that don’t break things.

How did you end up doing narration? 
It was something I always wanted to try, and I was given the chance to do a book, so I thought, hey go for it.

What draws you to it?
I like how it allows you to be an actor of sorts without being an actor. Not all of us look like Brad Pitt after all. Not to mention it appeals to my sense of being a kid again and just playing, pretending to be something you aren’t.

Is there any aspect of your job that spills over into your personal life?
I do often have to make all the tech work for my wife, kids, and neighbors. (and siblings and parents and total strangers in Target – KB) Turns out most people don’t understand scan resolution on a projector or permission files for an app. Who’d a thunk it?

Which character voice would you consider your biggest influence?
I always liked Bender on Futurama. To me, it was even funnier when you saw John Dimaggio play Steve Ballmer. Turns out that guy has done just about every animated show under the sun and then some.

Which real person would you consider your biggest influence?
I dunno. I would say my wife just to not get in trouble but in terms of voice professionals, see above. Also British people who do American accents are always fun the first time you find out they naturally sound nothing like that.

“So, Cookie seems nice. She’s a freshman, right?” “Nope, MBA on an athletic scholarship.”

What was the hardest part of this project and how did you manage it? (yes, you can say me!)
All the different characters. I tried to do enough different just to be able to distinguish them, but it’s hard doing the mental switch in the middle of a scene.

What part did you enjoy the most?
It’s a funny book, so there were moments where I was reading out loud and I just had to pause because I was laughing – especially Cookie and the softball pitching.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to try narration?
Just get a mic and do it. The more you put your voice out there, the better you get. Also being in IT, I can tell you the basic setup of a screen mesh filter and GarageBand on the Mac makes it super easy from a tech setup wise.

What projects do you have in mind going forward?
I was thinking of doing some sample rerecording of scenes where I think I can put my own spin on a character. OR I could finally get around to recording a Berenstain Bears cover for my kids, even if they are well past reading those.  Also Giovanni Book 3 of course!

Thank you, Sam! Looking forward to hearing Giovanni Joins The Werewolves and I promise, Gio 4 is coming any day now!

2 comments on “How To Break Into Audio

  1. Pat Davis
    April 22, 2019

    You two are so talented. Loved the interview, Sam!

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