Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Sharing The Wealth

School’s out for summer (brilliant song!) but not for teachers. Or at least not entirely. However, there is one group that never gets the legendary break in education and that’s the staff.

One of the biggest complaints about the rising cost of tuition concerns the growth in administration for colleges –

I can’t speak to top salaries (above my pay grade! 😉 ) or to some of the quirkier elements like athletics, but I can discuss ‘student services.’

I took a job in the spring, running writing tutoring for a small, semi-private college in East Texas. In some ways, this is considered a step-down in academia – I don’t have a PhD, I’m not faculty – but since those jobs are nearly impossible to come by and I like what I do, no worries.

But am I worth it? Well, for anyone contemplating students loans, here’s what you get for your money:

50+ hour weeks, nights and weekends – When the students, and my tutors, are facing term papers or finals, I woman the floor. Between that and admin work and reviewing online submissions, I work 50+ hour weeks. You think that’s bad? Liberal Arts covers everything from History to Theater while Science covers everything from Anatomy to Zoology!

Training and experience – You can read my bio if you really want to know my credentials, but what counts here are the lunch hours spent training staff in both writing (Team Oxford Comma!) and in effective communication.

More than you expected and less than you asked for – No, I can’t just tell you what to fix. I will, however, coach you through every word and every draft until you know how to say what you want. And yes, you will get an A and your next paper will be easier!

Coordinating with other experts – When a student runs into trouble, it’s seldom just academics. There’s a reason we keep tissues on our desks and the business cards of Financial Aid, Advising, Counseling, Career Services, the Food Bank, the Health Center, etc.  on hand.

‘Other duties as assigned’ – I also run the social media, the reference websites, peer mentoring, and guest lecture for professors whose 1st subject is not writing. Then there’s the record keeping, statistical analysis, and program development in response to the stats. Scheduling and payroll and budgeting, oh my!

College is expensive, pretty much any education is, but no education spells disaster. If you’re not aware of what you’re getting for your money, ask! The staff would be thrilled to tell you.

What ‘add-on service’ do you find most valuable, in college or any other public institution?

2 comments on “Sharing The Wealth

  1. leer95621
    August 21, 2017

    I dont proof read as well either…. Great reminder of the behind the sceans people that make a collage run.  My comment is fact.  Hope others read in the world it is my right.

    • kathybryson
      August 25, 2017

      I concur. Reading is something everyone should be able to enjoy!

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