Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

You think you’ve got problems!

I am very pleased to have finished the 3rd installment of Giovanni’s adventures in the Med School Series – Giovanni Joins The Werewolves. There were moments when I wasn’t sure it was going to happen.

First, I moved halfway across the country to a more challenging job. It was what I wanted and I’m very happy. But the moving! Oh my god! Buying a house and selling a house and packing. All the packing! I still have nightmares about boxes.

Then there’s the new job. It’s busy and challenging, new systems, new people, all in a new town at a new campus where I hit the ground running after I dumped the boxes and found the grocery store. It didn’t slow down until Spring Break and even then for only a week!

And then of course, there’s always the creative doubts that any writer faces when you wonder if the story’s any good. With satire, you wonder is it funny, did I go too far, will anyone get it? With a serial, you wonder is it boring, can I maintain momentum, how much do I include? Why did I ever start this nonsense?!

But no matter! My woes were eased when Giovanni Goes To Med School – the 1st in the series – became an EPIC 2017 eBook Awards Finalist – Fiction Short Works. That will pretty much motivate anyone. And just in time too, because poor Giovanni has real problems!

Suffering from a voodoo curse, Giovanni is still determined to get through medical school. Even if he now howls under the full moon and has to take himself for walkies! But just as he’s getting used to fur and fangs, Giovanni’s zombie returns, leading him to wonder – exactly how many other monsters are out there?

My Pinterest fail attempt at animal paw cookies for book launch! Tasty though.

Stay tuned for the next installment – Giovanni Haunts A Blood Bank – coming Fall 2017!

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