Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Lurching Towards Launch

Whenever I try something new, I’m always surprised by the details that got left out of whatever guide I’ve tried to follow. Either I’m not very precipient or others don’t get as hung up on the details.

Launching a book is no exception. It sounds so exciting, all book tours and blog hops! The reality is lists and lists of emails and trying to remember who I sent what to. Sites go live at different paces, so I ended up resubmitting when I notice cut-off end text on one book that then has to be updated on another and so on and so forth.kdp_cover_giovanni_coven4

Turns out there is no one moment when you can do like the mad scientist and exclaim “It’s alive. It’s alive!” Which is going to make for a really funny scene when I get that far in my new series of YA/NA novellas with a whole new take on B-movie monsters. But for now, the 2nd installment in The Med School Series, Giovanni Meets A Coven, is live!

Having successfully dealt with his 1st zombie, Giovanni is looking forward to the upcoming semester. Then the accidents start, costing Giovanni 2 jobs, no end of embarrassment, and multiple contusions and abrasions!

Is it just bad luck or is the curse of the zombie out to get him? And which of the voodoo queens suddenly surrounding him can he trust to help out?

Available on Amazon / Barnes & NobleiBooksKobo / and more!

Join Giovanni today on his latest adventure through med school where the worlds of the supernatural and medical science collide! This book can be read as a stand-alone, but check out the 1st installment, Giovanni Goes To Med School, for more laughs.

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