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10 Leprechaun Tricks Revealed

Sharing some inside secrets about leprechauns with author Joanne Guidoccio, fellow mythology enthusiast and mermaid expert!

Joanne Guidoccio

I’m thrilled to welcome Soul Mate author Kathy Bryson to the Power of 10 series. Today, Kathy reveals several leprechaun tricks and chats about her latest release, Fighting Mad.

Here’s Kathy!

kathybrysonFighting Mad came out this week – the 3rd in my series of leprechaun love stories.

It’s been an interesting experience trying to let the world know about leprechauns. They didn’t worry too much about me revealing their secrets because they knew that no one would take me seriously. In fact, they snickered – a lot!

Here’s what people don’t understand about leprechauns:

1. Leprechauns are not little, green men. The name comes from luch-chromain, meaning ‘son of Lugh.’ Since Lugh was the Celtic god of war, leprechaun are actually soldiers, fully grown warriors.

2. Leprechauns are not homicidal though. As any soldier will tell you, the job’s really more so you don’t have to fight. As Murphy…

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