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Cleaning For Company

suburbs-lawn-mowing-sexistYou know that saying about how it won’t matter how clean your house was when you die, so go live? Well, I am not that woman. I can’t function without a clean house. And if I’m stressed, cleaning gives me an outlet. I do my best thinking when I’m moving.

With the holidays coming, you may be feeling some stress, so here are some quick and easy tips for managing your cleaning, particularly if you have pets!

Vacuum first – The debate rages but if you vacuum first, you get the bulk of the mess picked up and can move freely to sort the rest.

Vacuum often – Nothing keeps dust and dirt down like sucking it up before it spreads. And it you have pets, you’re also sucking up hair, dander, and insect eggs before they’re a bigger problem.

Use an electrostatic duster –Swiffer or any kind that grabs dust and keeps it from floating around onto surfaces works. Don’t just wipe down surfaces with a cloth and go sparingly on spray polishes. They can turn dust into a gummy mess.

What does work for furniture polish are oils. They feel greasy, but they repel dust and they condition wood so it stays gleaming beautifully. Stay away from ones with soap or other additives.

Bathrooms need to be antiseptic, but for most other surfaces, use a splash of vinegar in water. It cuts through grease and dirt and when the smell dissipates, it takes other odors with it. Using ammonia can be problematic with pets as they can think it’s a urine smell and respond in kind.

vintage-ad-kenmore-washing-machineUse the dryer. Fabrics can attract dust and hair, but they’re easy to clean. Throw pillows, blankets, drapes, and rugs can all be tumbled in the dryer with no heat to clean and freshen.

Indoor/ outdoor pillows and rugs are a plus if you have children or pets. They can frequently just be hosed off and they now come in a variety of attractive colors and patterns.

Laundry baskets – Between school and writing books, my house overflows with paper. And when it’s finals or deadlines, it doesn’t always get recycled or filed. So it all goes into a laundry basket where I can find it again if I need it and where it can be stashed out of sight.

Back rooms, closets, and garages are also good places for stashing overflow, but to keep stuff from taking over, you need a place for everything. if you can’t figure out where something goes, you need to ask yourself if it’s something you really need.

But organization is really a conversation for another day. Enjoy your holidays – we’ll sort in January!

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