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5 Tricks To Beat The Heat!

heatIt’s summer and a new distraction’s risen to tempt a hard-working writer away from the computer. I’m not talking about work, school, or even vacation. The number one hurdle in my productivity at this time of year is the heat!

This is when everyone who lives through snow in the winter can snigger at the poor Floridians. But there a few tricks to beat the heat and keep you moving wherever you are!

Use fans, shades or air-conditioning if you’ve got it. The reason the yard guys work so early in the morning is to keep body temperature from getting too high. If you’re in the sun and start to feel tired or light-headed, you need shade and water. A red face is not the key indicator. In fact, if someone’s gone pale or stopped sweating, that person needs the emergency room.

Drink plenty of water. The average adult needs one gallon or 4 quarts daily. You can get water from fruits and vegetables, even coffee and tea, but not alcohol. Sometimes people mistake hunger for thirst, so before going for a snack, try a glass of waveswater.

Change your hours. If you can, rearrange your schedule so that you can nap during the hot part of the day and work later in the evening. There’s mixed research on the siesta – http://slumberwise.com/health/siesta-the-little-nap-with-a-big-history/ – but it has a long history in warm weather climates.

Get wet. At the beach or the pool, you still have to be careful of being out in the sun, but one quick way to cool your body temperature is to jump in the water. At home, grab a shower or bath. And if you don’t have time for a full dunking, consider icing your pulse points – http://lifehacker.com/5571072/know-your-bodys-cooling-spots

Strip off. You need to cover skin for cancer prevention, but loose and less is best and coolest. Consider adopting clothing developed in warm-weather climes from the caftan to the muu-muu.

Stay cool and write on!

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