Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Whole Lotta Nothin…


Once a month or so, Lindor, male kitty #1, sneaks out and spends the night outside. I don’t even try to chase him in anymore because that’s a game that’s more fun for him than for me!

I worry that he might get hurt even though he stays mostly in the backyard because we have wildlife in urban Florida. When I first opened the door to check for Lindor and saw this guy, we both squeaked and ran for cover!

The next morning, I got a real surprise. I let Lindor back in, got all the kitties breakfast, then heard a yowling outside. A monster cat, easily 30 pounds, followed Lindor home! I don’t know if the yowling was “come out and play” or “I know where you live, buddy,” but it stopped when Mom came out and yelled! I’m such a party pooper. Anyway that’s when I looked up and saw the possum, trundling steadily across the back fence. He was indifferent to the cats, but picked up speed when he saw the camera.

So not something I meant to find when I mulched the back flowerbeds, but rather cool anyway. What does this have to do with writing? Nothing. Writing is one of those funny professions. Everyone thinks it’s a creative, dynamic undertaking. We spend a lot of time talking about it, especially on social media. But mostly it’s me, sitting at the keyboard, staring into space, and occasionally being distracted by possums. Oh well, back to work now!

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