Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Don’t Forget Your Right To Party!

alice2I hope everyone’s having a lovely holiday. I’m planning on spending it with a friend testing gluten-free recipes for another friend who’s watching her grandchildren while her daughters attend a concert. Like most adults, we juggle commitments!

I have been informed, however, that this is not the proper approach! My millennial students and I compare notes regularly as I’m at the tail end of the Baby Boomers, that group of 50 million who are the 2nd largest demographic in the US, and they’re the 80 million 2o-year-olds who replaced us and split advertising right down the middle.

We have some very different perspectives, but some similar. So, just in case you need a refresher before the holidays, here is how you party –

alice1 Any time is a good time – Getting together with friends to study or running into friends at a restaurant is a good time for a party! A party can happen by formal invitation, but the best ones just grow up from talking with someone, eating with someone, and meeting up with other someones.

There is no try – The only good reason for not getting together with friends is a contagious illness or hospital stay. “I can’t eat that, I can’t come that early, I can’t stay that late, I have to work tomorrow, or I had to work yesterday” are the songs of the old fart!

If you can’t eat something – bring your own food. Bring enough for everyone and no one will even notice! Worst case scenario, eat ahead of time and push something around on your plate all evening.

Always offer to bring something, or not – You can ask if there’s something you can bring when you get the invitation. If there’s nothing wanted, flowers or a potted plant make a nice hostess gift. Or let it go. Sometimes it’s enough to be a good guest.

alice3Carpooling is good – Not everyone drives, so offering to drive is also nice. If you’re the person minus transportation, offer to help with gas for anything more than in-town. If someone gives you a ride regularly, give them a gas gift card. And remember, if you’re drinking, the bus is your friend!

Keep an open mind – You won’t like every party, but sooner or later, you will have to attend an awkward event, probably for work. Just remember, the food is always “delicious,” the entertainment is always “amazing,” and the company is always “delightful!”

So get out and party this holiday season! Remember your manners and avoid discussing politics, religion, and what is wrong with young people today. They, after all, are regularly attending parties and mastering essential social skills. The rest of us are the ones who need a refresher if we’re gonna be the life of the party at the retirement home!

Illustrations are by Sir John Tenniel, political cartoonist during Queen Victoria’s reign who illustrated Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

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