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Florida In Fall Is Paradise

Florida is at its best in the fall. Temperatures climb down out of the 90s, but the ocean breezes and sunny days persist, so you get the best of both seasons, Summer and Winter!

The signs of fall in Florida aren’t quite like the rest of the world. We don’t get leaves changing color, but there are definite signs we look for!

The American White Ibis is around year-round, but tends to move inland in the winter. Instead of just seeing them on the lawns after the rain, they can be seen hanging out in the back yard.

The yard itself starts to go dormant. Lush green lawns are not native to Florida and without regular rain, they become brown. But no one cares because it’s also time to cover the lawn with first Halloween, then Christmas lights and inflatables!

Ideally, I would go out and weed in this weather, but this year, the garden may have to wait. A spiny back orb weaver has set up housekeeping right outside the back door. These chubby little spiders are so dapper in their black and white coloring, it just seems a shame to disturb them. Would you interrupt Fred Astaire?


2 comments on “Florida In Fall Is Paradise

  1. Malla Duncan
    November 7, 2014

    Sounds like a lovely climate. Do you get rains in the winter or in summer?

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