Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Life Imitates Art?

littleboy ghostHousing in California is very expensive and it’s not uncommon for generations to double up. This means my mother had lots of help when she needed to remodel her kitchen. And I got ideas for my latest book!

First we had to strip out the old. A leak caused mold, so the dry wall got pulled down and the linoleum pulled up. Nobody was sorry to see the linoleum go.

The house was built in the fifties and my brothers were born in this house. You’re supposed to be careful about asbestos with old linoleum, but since there was already mold…centered ghost cat

Next came nice new flooring. This time it was peel and stick vinyl, all the look of hardwood but perfectly safe to mop and clean. Over the years, my mom has also housed 3 dogs, 5 cats, and a couple of guinea pigs and rats each. The fish tanks were independent, self-staining colonies that probably never got bigger than 30 gallons. You can also see here what a difference fresh paint makes though of course, there’s always a bit of trim left to finish!

oldmanThe kitchen required the most work with the biggest change invisible. All the wiring had to be upgraded to accommodate modern appliance. It was well worth it though. Now you can make toast and coffee at the same time in my mother’s kitchen!

New cabinets and a laminate countertop without chips or scratches made the whole room look fresh and clean. Even new windows that slide instead of the old crank style made that old house look like a new construction!

So thanks to my brothers, my mom got a nice new kitchen/living area and we all got to stop worrying about mold. And as a bonus, my brothers even sent me these pictures!

One comment on “Life Imitates Art?

  1. lee
    February 23, 2015

    It looks so new,but the old memories that kitchen has over many years will not be forgotten, just for us involved to remember and laugh about

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