Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Elizabeth Jannette Practices Redemption – Again!

cheshireMay has been the month from heck. All my best-laid plans, carefully nurtured, managed somehow to go cattywampus with enthusiasm.

I’ve been applying for jobs and naturally got interviews right during finals. Thanks to Wi-Fi, I gave them online. That worked out fine, but that was the last smooth thing I did all month.

I had to cancel one class because of those interviews and didn’t realize I either took another or was just assigned one until I got a last minute panicked call from the school about why I didn’t show up the 1st day of Summer session. So, I scrambled around and got summer started, only to realize I’d used the wrong material and had to recreate the whole class all over again.

Then somehow I got it in my head that both the Romantic Times and RWA conferences were in May. I knew they were both at the end of a semester; I just didn’t realize they’re at the end of two different semesters. I panicked, thinking there was no way I could get book edits done before the June publication date until Debby Gilbert, my editor for SoulMate Publishing, eventually unraveled that confusion.

redemptionWhen I got a phone call about being a finalist. I was over the moon excited, but I’d entered 2 contests and sure enough, I got them confused. Thank goodness, Elizabeth Jannette emailed me congratulations.

We’re both finalists for the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award! Her book, Redemption For Liars, is a finalist in the Romantic Suspense category, and Feeling Lucky is a finalist in Paranormal and Futuristic Romance. The kicker? We’re both finalists in the Best First Book category!

Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for setting me straight and saving me from yet another embarrassing moment! I can’t wait to see how we do when the winners are announced in July, but in the meantime, I’m going back to bed to hide under the covers with this great new romantic thriller about an FBI agent vs. a loan shark.

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