Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Interview With a Fairy

Edward Robert Hughes’s Midsummer Eve, ca. 1908

We continue our series of interviews with the principals of the recently released, romantic fantasy, Feeling Lucky, by chatting with Mrs. O’Malley, mother of Megan who won the Fergus lottery.

Let’s start there actually. Doesn’t that get confusing, sharing your name with your daughter?

Oh no, dear. We’re obviously two different people and most call Megan by just her first name. Everyone knows me as Megan’s mother, Mrs. O’Malley.

But you’re not exactly Megan’s mother, are you? According to Mrs. Carmichael, you and she are the fairies mentioned in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Oh, that’s an old wives tale. Mrs. Carmichael has been known to exaggerate. I, however, love Shakespeare. He was a brilliant poet, such a lovely man. But that was a long time ago, of course.

I understand you teach Shakespeare out at the community college.

Oh, yes, I teach both French and English medieval literature. We’re not just ceramics and auto repair, you know.

You, however, went from being a college professor to small business owner. Why was that?

When Megan won Fergus’ money, we had such a wonderful opportunity to do something exciting, something fun. Fayetteville could be such a lovely, little town with the right push.

So you were one of the driving forces behind the foundation Megan started with her lottery winnings?

Oh no, that was Megan’s particular genius. Such a smart girl! If we had a question, we could just ask her.

What would you have spent five million dollars on then?

Oh, I’d probably go back to school. I suppose you could say I never graduated, there always seemed to be something else to learn.

What’s your response then to those who say it’s too expensive or that you don’t get any return for it?

Dear, you should never shortchange yourself. If you have an opportunity, take it. Life has a way of working itself out, so let it worry. You go out and enjoy yourself!

Are you enjoying the success of the book then?

Oh yes! Such lovely reviews! Just don’t mention that one to Mrs. Carmichael. She never quite understands when people don’t think she’s lovely!

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