Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Interview with A Leprechaun – The Woman’s Perspective

celticspiralWe turn to a different perspective today, the woman’s view. We’re talking with Candace O’Reilly, bookkeeper for Fergus Gas, and cousin to Fergus, the hero of Feeling Lucky.

Finally! I can’t believe you waited till last for the woman’s perspective. It is a love story, you know.

Well, Fergus is the hero, so I had to start with him.

Oh puhleese!! The story is as much Megan’s as it is Fergus’. Focus on the heroine, not the hero. If there’s any lesson in all this, it’s that doing something different is what gets results.

Okay, well, let’s talk about the results. Did you get what you wanted when you set Fergus up?

No, no, no. We didn’t set Fergus up. We intervened before he made a complete ass of himself. Any problems he had with Megan were entirely his own fault!

You’re not very sympathetic! Fergus was fighting an addiction, you know.

That’s what I said! I’m sympathetic, but we had no choice. The company could barely function any more. We wouldn’t have intervened if we didn’t care.

So you’ve never felt the lure of the gold? Never felt the need to hang onto something even if wasn’t entirely rational?

Everybody feels that need for something. That’s human. But leprechaun women are too damn smart to get caught up in something as foolish as lusting after gold. Lust, yes. Gold, no!

If you had a lot of money, say you won the lottery, how would you handle it?

Oh man, I’d take a vacation. Leprechauns work hard and play hard! I need more of the play hard!

That sounds nice. Where do you recommend?

Well, after 8 weeks of sulphur baths for the cats, you should be able to appreciate Bath, England.

Yeah, that’s funny. Ha-ha. Speaking of jokes, you know anything about my missing shoe? The one that keeps wandering into the garden? Laughing is not an answer, Candace!

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