Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Teacher’s Time Out

IMG_1030I’ve been scrambling for a blog post for the past week. I thought about writing about Shakespeare because I borrowed from the Bard for my books, but it’s still close enough to the semester that I’d end up pedantic. And really, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is funnier than that. Read it and see it whenever you can!

I thought about writing a funny response to a student who complained why can’t the school use something that works, but since this week has included a lot of education reform, that satire would be bitter. For the record, I created the grammar tutorials that were irksome, not the school, saving the cost of another book and, hopefully, future jobs. I know they’re broken (we migrated to a new system right before the year started), and I’ll fix them over the summer when I have free time.

In the 1st of the school’s educational reform, everyone’s class load was cut rather than risk paying healthcare until the feds can decide how much many hours are officially part of the job. The second was to turn a large portion of those classes into MOOCs – massive open, online classes that may or may not need instructors. I could point to the student’s complaint above about the ease of online tutorials except that I’m wondering if there’s something there I can borrow to avoid a summer’s worth of checking code for free?

I had to just let the whole thing go, not so much because, yes, this teacher needs a time out as because the cats got mites. Eight weeks of sulphur baths! You know how much cats like baths to begin with – don’t even get me started on necessary communication, billing errors, or perky vet techs!

But as I was on my way home to Lysol the house again, I saw these two. The bunny was just sitting quietly in his front yard, nose twitching with the cat beside him. When I stopped for a photo, the cat started for the back yard, waited for the bunny to follow him, then sat down again to guard him. No point really – just pretty cool!

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