Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Experiments Gone Hideously Awry!

round_bedHoping to save some money and get a full bed of echinacea, I put out seed the 1st of March. The bamboo skewers were to discourage the cats from digging. They, of course, took one look at them and thought Hey, slalom!

Nothing sprouted. I think it was just too cold. It’s been a chilly spring. But where I can blow off $30 of seeds, I’m not wasting $100 of manure, not mention all that labor! So today I finished putting in flats of marigolds, zinnias, salvia, and vinca. They’re annuals, but they don’t know it. The vinca, in particular, is going on 3 years now.

It’s been a month of experiments. Found out I’m likely to lose another job thanks to the feds. Since this is the 2nd one they’ve cost me and I’ve only lost one to terrorism, I have grounds for some lovely satire if I can just get over being mad long enough to write it. Focusing on my book should help. As my female students said when I showed them the cover, “Ooh!”

cat_rosesIt’s important to stay focused. I wasn’t paying attention when I went out to plant this morning, so I missed one of the neighborhood cats slipping into the house. When I surprised him, he ran into the garage and we had a merry chase till he finally found the patio door! Like the annuals, the cats don’t care about ‘supposed to.’ All I can do is huff and puff along behind and see where I end up!

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