Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

State of the Economy?

Earlier I wrote about being impressed by a free oil change. When I collected on it, the mechanic told me that my car started rough which I knew. I asked about replacing the starter, but the guy said just fix it when it breaks. The thought of trying to arrange and pay for a tow sent me straight to another mechanic. A lesson on the economy? Maybe. Maybe the guy didn’t want to give away another oil change. It took 3 reminders before he stopped trying to charge me for this one.

Moved by the spirit of righteous consumerism, I followed up with the agent. Actually I took the coward’s way out and followed up with an email. You just don’t want to upset someone who might help you get published even if it’s taking awhile! He very nicely told me I’m still being considered; he just gets behind because he needs to spend weekends with his children instead of reading. Well, I have heard this before, particularly from students, usually after I give my “it’s a deadline, not a guideline speech!” I’ve also heard you need to put in extra to stand out my entire career.

So how much effort is too much? How much is not enough? It’s a tough call but an important consideration. When you put out extra effort, do you get results? Did you get what you wanted? I built a tutorial for $5 an hour, but I also backed off volunteer tutoring because I need a paycheck. The agent? I decided to wait on a little longer because I haven’t developed Plan B yet. The car? A hundred dollars for a new battery and some clean leads – and a damn sight better than being stranded in a dark parking lot after night classes!

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