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Update on 1st book

We’re working – really!

It’s summer and I’m full up with projects, not the least of which is figuring out what to do next for my book. This is the part advice writers never include. If you do all the steps and nothing happens, then what? Is it time to break out the sacrificial chickens?

First, it’s very hard to judge the situation. I sent out 58 letters to agents last summer. 33% never responded at all. That would seem very unprofessional, but honestly, how many leads do you follow up on? If you know that most won’t pan out, does it matter if you skip a few? Course, I also just got a phone call from my auto repair guy reminding me to take advantage of my free oil change from a year ago. He’ll be getting more business.

Got 5 requests for more materials that went nowhere, so I thought I’d tweak the beginning. Out of the half-dozen beta readers I asked to choose between versions, one responded. The agent who asked for revisions had been sitting on them for over 6 months due to intern issues. I could see this as a sign that my book’s not the hysterically funny, can’t-put-it-down read I think it is, but actually I’ve decided it’s that 2nd and 3rd job most of us have. We’re too busy to actually get anything done!

So I sent off some more queries, hoping to hit the 100 minimum that you use to judge direct mail. My brother tells me I’ve now crossed into stalker territory.

One comment on “Update on 1st book

  1. darkwoodbooks
    June 6, 2012

    I love your cat assistants

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