Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

The last, lazy days of summer!

The last week before school starts and I finally hit a break in the typing. So naturally, I had to update the blog!

The online grammar tutorial turned out beautifully. My students vetted it, showed lovely improvement, and now it’s rolling out to any teacher who wants it. Distribution is a little frustrating as the school doesn’t really have an established method, but word of mouth is a time-tested, proven approach. Or word of email – same thing.

The 2nd big project of summer was, of course, rewriting my manuscript. I didn’t break 100,000 words, but I came close! The agent’s suggestions were karmic, I think, because they suggested additional material that added quite a bit to both character development and back ground story without developing a whole other story line. Of course if I’d gone that route, I would have made that 100,000 words! Now we wait to see what the agent says.

On a more solemn note, had to mourn the passing of what seems to have been the last personal CD player available. So I broke down and got an iPod bit enough to hold all my tunes. I had fun reviewing all my CDs. I haven’t heard some of those songs in a while. Lindor grooves to the Dead, but Kaluha doesn’t seem to care.

The iPod is nice. I like having all my tunes handy, even if it is in a postage-stamp size package. (Yes, I know – a completely dated reference to a new technology) The only thing that bugs me is that the software separates tunes by artist, so any compilation album comes out as a dozen separate listings. Somewhere there’s a probably a button for that, but in the meantime, I’m just really impressed that Santana works with and credits so many other artists!

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