Award Winning Fantasy with a Twist!

Strange Days Indeed

Been a weird month. I’ll blame the Supermoon as I sometimes ungraciously dealt with:

  • Agents who didn’t respond
  • Agents whose responses made the non-responders look good
  • Perfectly nice people who become raving lunatics at work
  • Perfectly good classes that fizzled and died just because it’s spring
  • Yet another fabric designer who thinks the way to grow her business is to restrict what her customers can do with said fabric

And that’s just my life. But you cannot dwell on the negative or you become a total bitch. Lord knows, we don’t need that!

Besides you could have real problems. Having lived in California and Hawaii, I’ve come close enough to earthquakes and tsunamis to cringe at the pictures coming out of Japan. I can’t do much to help, but I have some resources to share. If you’re looking for birthday, graduation, wedding, or baby present, consider purchasing one of these. All proceeds go to the Red Cross for Japan for a limited time. Thanks!

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